Silent Legion

Silent Legions, as opened by the Authors
A start...

From the Silent Legions Roleplaying book:

“The world is broken in hidden ways. The truth is concealed for the sake of mortal minds. The unendurable reality that boils behind the stars is veiled by the pleasant blindness that human sanity requires. Yet every comforting shroud must fall in time, and for these investigators, that time is now.

Human survival is lit by the flame of combusting minds. Someone must go forth into the dark, to pry up the secrets and expunge the hidden things, to sacrifice their own lives and sanity that humanity’s safety might endure another hour. To deal with these horrors for long is to embrace a fate worse than any common death, but there are always a few, always so very few, that are willing to pay this price. Some act out of love, others out of courage, some for the sake of unquenchable curiosity, and a few cannot even name their own cause. But they act and they suffer and they die, and by their blood is purchased a little more time for those who remain."


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