Level Five Rituals

  • Band of Unhindered Escape

Palm wide ring/circlet. When broken, bubble of temporal stasis created 10 meters from point of breaking. 1d4 +1 rounds of unhindered actions. Manipulating objects inside for 1d8 on user. 1d4 madness all at end of rounds.

  • The Little House without Windows

Way in Kelipah, seals when sorcerer enters. Ritual ends when sorceror leaves the demi-kelipah. Anything left is lost forever. Enters a maze of endless empty grey chambers, unlit. Hunger, thirst and fatigue are not felt inside, and healing is at normal rate (though not normal healing). Each day after first inflicts 1 madness on people inside.

  • The Pandect of Light

Mighty Ward. Hour to mark patterns and angles necessary, but stops any supernatural entity entering. Can protect a building or a 30 metre diameter area. Stays as long as centre diagrams untouched. Possessed entities: barred. Hostile magic: save against magic (caster). Humans: Only alien altered are barred. Removal: cause 5d6 damage to caster, can save against magic to make that halve.

  • The Ravenous Worms of Hazai

Create a manikin which must be broken to use. Ground in three meters boils with half-substantial worms. Corpses immediately devoured in area: as are leather objects and hair. Living Creatures within suffer 3d6 damage for each round remaining in area, humans suffer 1d6 madness from sensation of gnawing mouths. Caster: 1d6 damage per round maintained and if knocked out/killed, expands for 20 meters each round for 1d4 rounds.

  • Rite of the Wetted Knife

Warp weapon to harm specific supernatural Creature if weapon has strike that creature type before. Can use to harm that creature thereon out. May roll slaughter twice, taking higher of the two.

  • Stealing the Road to Hell

Cannot be used more than once a week. Can create a “shortcut” to another location known by the caster. Journey is instantaneous, but pass hours in kelipah between places see alien shapes and forms. Int/Occult Check. If prepared destination, 6 difficulty, if previously visited, 10 difficulty, if only known of, 14 difficulty. Failure will result in coming out in the wrong place.

Level Five Rituals

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