Level Four Rituals

  • Eyes of the Distant Mind

Use earth to see a location within 200m of where earth was gathered. For each 30 mins after the first 30 in a week, save against madness or suffer 1d4 madness due to sense disassociation

  • Incantation of the Thrice-Shared Eye

Psychic bond for all those affected (up to 7). Can: communicate telepathically, sense of location, sense of health, sense emotional state. One member cannot be surprised unless all are. Initiative is best roll of any of group therein.

  • Kill the Weakness of the Soul

Must be performed on a willing target. Target does not feel fear, mercy or remorse, suffers no madness from bloodshed. Horror and Occult still add madness. Will do anything (bar suicide) that the caster wishes. Will fail all social checks an inspire negative responses in most people they interact with.

  • The Mists of Unveiled Knowing

Substantial Bloodshed required. Each three meters of radius of circle require 1d4 HP of blood. Blood becomes a mist which recreates the most emotionally-freighted events to have occurred in the area within the recent past. Soundless but precise. Spell can be guided by person performing it for a specific purpose/event that happened there. Images continue while chanting.

  • The Scourging Seal of Solomon

Pre-prepared clay disc no larger than a palm, covered in patterns and sigils. Spill 1d4 blood over to activate. Either:

  1. Creates a barrier against the supernatural, broken by saving against magic by supernatural (once per hour per creature). Creature that breaks suffer 2d6 x level of caster’s occult. Creatures inside already are repelled to outside.
  2. Alternately created such that the first creature to enter the area takes 2d6 x level of caster’s occult.
  • The Vermillion Mark of Sanctity

Can be used to anchor an amulet such that it provides protection against possession or telepathy. Those who attempt to access the thoughts of one wearing the amulet will hear a strange metallic clanging instead. The wearer can not use telepathy or target others with mind control based magic.

Level Four Rituals

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