Level One Rituals

  • Bending the Heart of the King

Use of an Arcane Connection allow influence over minds, causing a feeling of affection and friendship towards subject. Target will feel unusual benevolence if not met before.

  • The Circle of Inward Eyes

Find out if object has enchantments (and extra info from Wis/Occult checks)

  • The Distant Seal of Alarm

Draw an eye, when creature larger than a cat passes it then the subject sees everything from wherever eye was placed. Last up to five rounds (matching Skill: Occult)

  • The Red Expurgation of the Sword

Invocation, one subject for every 10 minutes of incantation.
Gentle = Speeds hit point regen 1d6 (1 per experience level of subject) with nights rest. 2 madness received
Harsh = 2d6 (
2 per level of occult of caster). Tumours form which fade after a week. 1d4 +1 madness on target.

  • Rite of Censing the Crooked Road

Open fire, use the smoke to highlight Kelipah Gates nearby or other dimensional anomalies

  • The Safe Kept Quintessence of Flesh

Heals 1d8 (+2 per level of occult of caster). Also causes 1 point of madness. Done by preserving and drying out blood of the intended target to be held against a later date.

  • Sight of the Righteous Threshold

Small Clay Amulet which can be placed above a sealed container, window or physical portal entrance and will be impassable for anyone who isn’t the caster and his chosen companions. Can break down via conventional means.

  • The Silvered Blade of Sacrifice

Small ritual blade can be transformed. Must be used on willing or helpless living human subject, knife draws 1d4 hitpoints, allowing wielder to reroll: unsuccessful hit roll, physical saving throw or physical skill check. User gains 1 Madness for use.

  • The Walker Beneath the Moon

Arcane sympathy with powers of the night, causing perfect sight at night and entire group uses best stealth skill check of any of them.

  • Whispers of the Scribe

Allows sorcerer to gain an insight into the age, language, magical potency and general topic of a text. Requires quiet and calm to work, can reveal if a grimoire has spells, but not what said spells are or anything else about them.

Level One Rituals

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