Level Three Rituals

  1. Binding of the Crimson Sword

Binds weapon (Melee/thrown) to a person. 1d6 hitpoints of person binding to required. Will not break until owner dies (will then shatter). Person will always know where the weapon is. Magical (can do slaughtering) but saps 1d4 HP if used as such. Other people using the weapon will find it is not good for ending life.

  1. Binding Shut the Way

Locks a path into a Kelipah only breakable by Dark Sorcery and lots of rites.

  1. The Black Lamp

Anyone involved with ritual gains effect. Lets them see presence of sorcery on people or enchantments in 10 meter radius. Lasts until extinguised/out of fuel.

  1. Cleansing Light of the Dawn

Use of rituals to “clean” an area, making it unsuitable for hostile sorcery. Breaks malevolent effects or curses (unless maintained by outer entity or active artifact/person)

  1. The Seal of the Yellowed Fang

Requires bestial claw/fang. When presented forcefully to a natural animal it will become docile and obedient, understanding commands with human intelligence, performing services not contrary to its nature. Will last hours equal to caster’s occult. Can be presented to up to a half-dozen creatures. Crumbles away afterwards.

  • The Sign of the King

An arcane connection serves to open a path for the sorceror’s will to influence mind of a target, can burn the connection to make target perform any action not wholly contrary to their nature. If uncharacteristic, roll save against mental effect.

  • The Staff of Turning Back the Way

Half meter long rod covering in markings and sigils. Tip can be drawn on a solid surface to create invisible protective ward. Supernatural entities cannot cross the line or see beyond it. Can break down the ward with 1d6 +2 rounds of force. Otherwise lasts until night. Can be 20 meters in length in whatever shape they desire.

  • The Walker Beneath the Earth

Can pass through solid matter like it was empty air, except wards and sorcerous impediments. Cannot fly. Fully visible, but immune to normal weaponry. End when the caster chooses, each round spend like this incurs 1d4 madness at sensation. If ended halfway through a solid object, instant death.

Level Three Rituals

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