Level Two Rituals

  • Converse with the Ancestors

May ask questions of an enchanted skull to receive answers from original owner. One quesion per level of Occult. Three word answers. Can be subverted.

  • Dust of Scouring False Seeming

Can be used to remove magical disguises for half an hour.

  • Friendship of the Ones Behind

Requires perfect darkness to perform, if light pervades during then 1d8 madness for all present. Brings a small object which the caster knows the location of. Must not be guarded in any way.

  • The Merciful Rack of Ibn Baraka

Pries loose magical mental compulsions and/or possession. Both participants Save against Mental effects, with a success freeing victim of possession. Inflicts 1d8 madness on vitcim, and 1d8 if the caster fails.

  • The Messenger of the Air

Can touch arcane connection to open two-way mental communication. Lasts 10 minutes, cannot shut out words. Can expend the connection to implant a command for the target to come to the location where ritual was performed (may save against Mental Effects).

  • The Seal of the Drowned Kings

Marks painted on throats, up to five allies of caster can be affected. Lasts 24 hours. Can breathe and see underwater normally. Possession impervious to water damage, aquatic temperature/pressure and may act at full range of movement.

  • Truths Written in Red

By drenching a text in blood, understanding of the contents can be received (only works on texts of human making). 1d4 of blood must be shed over it for short text. For longer text/grimoire, requires half casters maximum hitpoints whilst maintained, cannot be restored until after finished studying. Blood vanished completely at end, leaving text unharmed.

  • Unsealing the Vault of Wisdom

Breaks arcane seals and bindings aside from “Sigil of Righteous Threshold”. Incantation can sunder other wards/magical traps and curses laid on a door or container. No use on free standing protections, also useless on conventional locks. If sorcery to powerful to break, will reveal the way how to. Only divinity can stop this insight.

Level Two Rituals

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